SC Christmas Paper Set 2

SC Christmas Paper Set 2 contains six Christmas Papers, each measure 3600 X 3600
pixels and have various different designs.

Hope these papers can be of some use.

Merry Christmas


SC Antiquated Texture Set

SC Antiquated Texture Set contains four textures, each measuring 3000 X 2143 pixels
These textures are a great use for images with a large amount of open space, such 
as the promo picture or portraits as a textured background.

Just apply them as an overlay, adjust the layer mode and opacity level to your 
liking, erase texture from faces or objects with a soft brush if needed.

Have fun using.

SC Dust Particles Set

These Dust Particles are meant to add a simple but needed effect to images
that have sunlight, sunrays for a realistic touch.

SC Dust Particles set contains 4 .png Black Particles, 4 .png White Particles,
each measure 3600 X 2400 pixels (12" X 8" @ 300 DPI).

I also have made 4 .abr Dust Particle Brushes, which was created in Photoshop
CS 3, so they can be used/compatable from CS3 to CC 2015.



1: Just apply a .png dust particle as an overlay on an image, adjust the opacity
level as needed, and if needed use a soft brush eraser to erase areas with particles
to ones own taste.


1: Open image create a new layer, select one of the four brushes and apply the
brush where its needed, if some particle need erasing, use a soft brush eraser
and erase from brush layer where needed.

As always, hope this set can be of some use.

SC Graphic Texture Set

The SC Graphic Texture Set consists of twenty four black and white textures, each measuring
2500 X 2500 pixels.  These textures work on both images and illustrations, although they're
more suitable for graphic illustration work, supplying detail, shadowing and other effects.

I use these in most of my art work, they've been very very useful and supply quick effects
that saves time and a few $#@5+#  words also.

Hope these serve you as much as they have me, tinker and have fun.

Please consider a small donation, every little bit goes a long and helpful way. thanks.